Proof of Space Time

Spacemesh is a layer 1 Proof of Space Time (PoST) protocol. Learn more about its architecture

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Dive deep into the Spacemesh protocol with Prof. Tal Moran.

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Your easy tutorial for getting started on the Spacemesh network.

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Answering your questions on rewards.

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A short explanation on our user-friendly app.

Challenging the status quo

There’s an ever-evolving philosophy behind Spacemesh. There’s a beating heart. Open your mind to ideas. Join the ongoing exploration; visit our blog.

Crypto-sophical Investigation

In this essay I share with Dr. Doron Avital, we explore our cryptocurrency philosophical investigation, or said otherwise: what’s between …

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Spacemesh for Home Smeshers

At Spacemesh, we believe that home smeshers are the key to a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem, and that cryptocurrency projects and …

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Privacy and Power

This is the calling card of those who see nothing wrong with the loss of our privacy. During this past social cause, we’ve talked about …

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Read the latest updates, or check out the update archive.

Update #118 - Q2 2024

Q2 of 2024 has been a crazy time for Team Spacemesh. In this update, we’re excited to give you all a look at all the …

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Update #117 - Q1 2024

The first quarter of 2024 was a momentous one for Team Spacemesh, which means that it was also exceptionally busy. We …

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Update #116 - June & July 2023

June and July were momentous months for Team Spacemesh. After five years of ceaseless research and development, we …

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