SPACEMESH the thing in itself

We're going to make Satoshi's vision a reality

Through our adventurous community of makers, thinkers and creators, we will build a just future for all of us

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The people’s cryptocurrency; rewarding the many over the few

You might have heard of Cryptocurrency. And it could even be that you own cryptocurrency. But you also know that not everyone knows what it is and certainly not everyone owns some.

Spacemesh is here to change all that; to make crypto friendly and accessible to everyone. So go ahead, download Spacemesh and start mining, or read all about it to understand it in full.

OUR TEAM is enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, freedom, justice and creativity.


  • Amira Bouguera
    R&D Coordinator
  • Andres Monje
    Automation & infrastructure developer
  • Aviv Eyal
  • Ayala Hatan
    HR & Operations Manager
  • Bartosz Różański
    Core Developer
  • Chaim Glantz
  • Danielle Shamir
    HR & Operation Manager
  • Davi Mello
    Automation & Infrastructure Developer
  • Dmitry Shulyak
    Principal Developer
  • Dmytro Sorokin
    Social Media & Community Manager
  • Doron Avital
  • Hasan Raza
    Technical Writer
  • Iddo Bentov
    Chief Scientist
  • Ivan Shveduno
    Core Developer
  • Jędrzej Nowak
    Dev Lead
  • Kacper Sawick
    Application Developer
  • Kirill Shumilov
  • Max Parfenov
    Application Developer
  • Lane Rettig
    VP Research & Development
  • Matthias Fasching
    Core Developer
  • Noam Nelke
    R&D coordinator
  • Rami Kasterstein
  • Ran Cohen
  • Tal Moran
    Chief Scientist
  • Tomer Afek
    CEO, Co-founder
  • Vince Drayne
    Visual Designer
  • Yael Hoffman
    Content manager