Who we are

We believe that open, permissionless, decentralized technology holds the key to the future of humanity.

Spacemesh is a next-generation distributed ledger technology. It is a secure form of digital money, controlled entirely by its users, and a smart contract platform that opens up endless possibilities for web3.0 development.

In the spirit of a truly permissionless network, any interested party can download our app, install it, and start Smeshing blocks. We are committed to keeping the barrier to entry as low as possible, fulfilling Satoshi’s vision of a trustless economy and an even playing field.

Apply if you are a...

  • Technologist
  • Educator

//Who you are

You are inspired by the Spacemesh vision and Spacemesh technology and you want to help bring it to life.

You use your superpowers to turn vision into reality. You want to spread the Spacemesh message and engage with a community of people who believe in a cryptocurrency with a low barrier to entry.

You are a technologist, a hacker, a coder, a community organizer, an artist, a philosopher, an activist, a musician, a builder, a creator, a writer.

What you get

  • To Build Web 3.0 (A better future)
  • Swag + Prizes
  • Main Net Coins


  • Organize Tech Meetups about Spacemesh, for example {our nyc meetup}
  • Grow the Spacemesh developer community
  • Create educational content about Spacemesh


  • Organize general talks about Spacemesh + Web 3.0 (philosophical/ educational)
  • Write articles about Spacemesh
  • Create Spacemesh-related content like articles or videos {spacemesh youtube}
  • Enact your own idea for how to support Spacemesh in your community.

What we do

  • Hold developer meetups
  • Discuss web 3.0 technically
    and philosophically
  • #buidl, #buidl, #buidl

What we don't

  • Shill
  • Say anything bad
    about other platforms
  • Talk about markets and prices

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