End of #Same Opportunity

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End of #Same Opportunity
Dear Smeshers,

Today we are arriving at the end of the first social cause ‘Same Opportunity’. It’s been a wild ride, with Drop Challenges, community art, an NFT auction, and the Agape Hand Fundraiser. You all truly showed how art and tech can be combined to serve the greater good through activism.

Aim to the moon, land at a star.

The fundraiser was our way to work together and do something about the inequality in our world. Together, we raised a total of $25k to help feed needy kids in Peru, in 60 days alone. This will feed over 3000 children for a whole year.

Fruitful Failure

Even though we only reached 31% of our goal, this is an amazing result;Contrary to the traditional laws of Capitalism 1.0, whereby profit is maximized no matter what, we have proven that we are aware of the importance of justice and that we are striving for a world that allows equal opportunities. We understand deeply and intuitively that the new society we are building must be more just.

Community is Power

It’s always important to keep perspective, and remember that much of the suffering in our world is caused by a broken system. We can’t blame suffering people for their own poverty, when we see that the system is set up in a way that keeps them impoverished. But most importantly, we need to remember the responsibility we have towards our fellow human beings, who are stuck in a vicious cycle due to factors entirely outside of their control.

Our true value is not defined by money or profit, but by how much we can raise up those who have been screwed over by an unjust system. This is something we can only do as a community, and it’s an integral part of our journey as Smeshers.

This is only the beginning

The culture we’re nurturing now will be the foundation of our community in the future. The first cause was our first foray into the work of embodying our values and combining art, activism & technology in an organic way. Now, in only a few days, we will start the next Social Cause - “Fight Censorship”. This time, with more experience and less naivety, we’ll use the tools in our arsenal to help those who’ve been silenced and shut down by the enforces of unjust systems.

I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together.

A smesher