#Winning Together: Wear the Cause

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“Wear the Cause” Drop Guide

This Drop Challenge has now concluded. For updates about the latest developments and challenges, join our discord server.

-- Overview
-- Prizes
-- Rules
-- Winners

Challenge Overview

Create a design based around the theme of “We All Deserve the Same Opportunities” that will fit on a shirt or a poster.


There will be prizes for the top ten submitted designs:

  1. The designers of the top three entries will receive 3D pens.
  2. The top ten entries will be produced and printed.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The designs you submit must be your own original work.
  2. The design should fit on a poster, shirt, or both.
  3. The submission format needs to be a HIGH resolution images or a project file (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop).
  4. The submission form is open until the 4th of November at 23:59 PM UTC.
  5. There’s a maximum of three submissions per participant, and they must all be submitted at the same time. Additional designs that are submitted separately by the same participant will not be counted.
  6. Participation in the Drops Challenges is subject to the Terms and Conditions.


1st Place KON#2088

2nd Place dmytro#0279

3rd Place poolcleaner#3149










If you have any questions, comments, or just want to share your work with the community, be sure to join us on Discord.