Spacemesh Social Causes Program

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Spacemesh is embarking on a new program to support causes we believe in, and you’re invited to join us!


Spacemesh is launching a program for promoting various social causes we believe in. The community is invited to contribute, create, collaborate and get rewarded. Stay in the loop in the discord channel.

-- What Is It?
-- How we roll
-- How to participate

What is the Spacemesh Community Social Causes Program?

It’s a way for us to do great things together, working together to make the world a better place. The plan is built around social causes Spacemesh believes in, and is full of stimulating events, creative challenges, underground activities, drops and rewards. The program is a living, breathing project, which you can both influence and participate in.

Read all the details below, and join the new Discord channel to contribute and stay in the loop.


We are doomed if we do not change the old world order that brought us to this moment in history: where inequality is wider than ever, and the climate crisis is accelerating towards the point of no return. We’re building Spacemesh to help replace this old world order - with its centralized power structures, with a new world order - where power is decentralized.

In our vision, we see a just world, where power in all its forms is in the hands of the many. A world that distributes wealth fairly, and frees people to pursue their true passion, unshackled from financial necessity.

In this greater scheme of things, the Spacemesh technology is just a means to an end.

And community, collaboration, art, activism and artivism are just as important as the technology.

So while we build the Spacemesh vehicle for change, we don’t want to sit around and wait for change to come. We want to be the change we want to see in the world, and shine a light on it. The Spacemesh Community Social Causes Program is how we roll.

How To Participate:

Follow the updates on the new Discord channel; every two month, we will come together around a different Social Cause.

To participate:

  1. Join the program by posting #winning_together on the responsible_energy_use channel.
  2. Take part in on the Drop Challenges*. The drops are creative challenges we will drop along the way, with the chance to get rewards for participating. Stay tuned for the drops announcements in the discord channel.
  3. Attend the Community Events. Open discussions and curated events will be held throughout each social cause cadence. This is your opportunity to engage, get inspired, and meet the other Smeshers winning together with you.


At the heart of this effort is creating for what we believe in. We want a world where people are free to pursue their true passion, unshackled from financial necessity. Whatever you want to make - make it. Our community will enable it. Reach out to with your idea.

P.S: We encourage you to follow the #winning_together hashtag.

*Participation in the Drops Challenges is subject to the Terms and Conditions.