Winning Together: Plant the Future

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The Spacemesh Social Causes program is raising awareness about responsible energy use!

One of the great tragedies of our world is deforestation and tree loss. Every year, approximately 15 billion trees are cut down. So, let’s do our small part to fight against this tragedy!

-- Overview
-- Prizes
-- Rules

Challenge Overview

Let’s smesh some trees!

Spacemesh will plant a tree for every 1000 Smesh you send to to the address 0x83b7c90aa5a65276249fc1341311b341de35523b. (To learn how to send transaction, please consult this guide.)

Once you’ve done so and the transaction is confirmed, take a screenshot of the completed transaction, copy the transaction ID, and post both on the #plant_the_future channel.

Example (please note, this example uses 1000 smidge, but you should send a minimum of 1000SMH, which is 1000000000000000 smidge):

Transaction ID: 0x68a6a28b51174272663ade51308da21e8d7a621e6290498dcdc5d3d07c44f8a0

For every 50k SMH sent by the community, Team Spacemesh will double the total number of trees we plant!


All participants will get a Spacemesh thermos.

  • Any participants that send 10k Smesh or more will get a pack of five thermoses.
  • The participant that will send the largest amount of SMH will win a 5TB Portable External Hard Drive (or equivalent-value Amazon gift card)
  • Second-largest will win a 4TB Portable External Hard Drive (or equivalent-value Amazon gift card)
  • Third-largest will win a 3TB Portable External Hard Drive (or equivalent-value Amazon gift card)


  1. You can and should send as much SMH as you like! (There will be one gift per participant.)
  2. Participation is open until Monday October 31st.
  3. Participation in the Drops Challenges is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to share your work with the community, be sure to join us on Discord.