Developer Relations Evangelist

About Spacemesh

Spacemesh is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that is permissionless, trustless, secure, and dedicated to the proposition that everyone, everywhere should be able to mine and help secure the network from home without intermediaries. We aim to become the most decentralized blockchain in history, with a target of one million home miners. To make this a reality, we’ve developed our protocol around a novel consensus mechanism called Proof of Space-Time. The Spacemesh project is completely open source and permissively licensed, and it’s being developed by a team of dedicated, passionate hackers who are as excited about human potential as we are about technology.


This is a highly visible, hybrid tech-human-marketing role best suited to someone who’s a natural communicator and is as excited about building relationships with humans as they are about decentralized technology. You’re a curious, confident, enthusiastic, strong communicator with a passion for grokking complex technologies and making them exciting and approachable to people everywhere. You’ll initially join the core R&D team to develop a deep, nuanced understanding of the Spacemesh protocol and implementation. You’ll start doing 80% tech work and 20% communications work, picking the brains of our research team to understand the Spacemesh protocol, and spend some time “in the trenches” implementing/debugging part of the protocol. You will then change gears to focus 80% on communications, developing and executing a strategy to communicate Spacemesh’s technology to the wider world and make it accessible. This will include documentation, videos, tech talks, events, hackathons, etc.


  • architect an overall, top-down developer communication strategy that includes documentation, tooling, tutorials, and articles about technical challenges we’re facing and our approach to overcoming them
  • work closely with the R&D team to improve documentation and make sure it’s as accessible and developer-friendly as possible
  • stay in touch with our developer community on GitHub, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • stay on top of broad trends in the cryptocurrency/blockchain/Web3 developer ecosystem
  • onboard open source developers to Spacemesh and generally support the community of open source contributors. Ensure that PRs get reviewed and questions get answered.
  • travel and present at conferences, meetups, and hackathons around the world to raise awareness about and interest in the project


Must have

  • BA/BS in computer science, or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years experience writing production-grade software as part of a team; comfort working with large, complex codebases and complex software projects
  • excellent organizational skills, attention to detail
  • demonstrated track record of success in both written and verbal communication and presentation skills, especially presenting complex technical ideas (please share sample writing, podcast appearances, video recordings of talks, etc.)
  • extremely strong English language communication skills
  • solid understanding of the fundamentals of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3/decentralized infrastructure including appreciation for not just the technical, but also the social and economic facets
  • experience contributing to open source projects and communities (please share links to prior contributions)
  • familiarity with Slack, Discord, Zoom, GitHub, Gdocs, etc.

Nice to have

  • MA/MS in computer science, or equivalent experience
  • familiarity with memes and Internet culture
  • product and/or project management experience
  • experience hosting meetups (online and in person)
  • desire to travel to host meetups and meet the global community face to face
  • willingness to relocate to the NYC metro area
  • experience writing production-grade C/C++/Java/Golang/Rust code (or another strongly-typed language) and working with concurrency, networking, and/or systems programming
  • systems architecture experience
  • training in communication/rhetoric, entrepreneurial experience
  • experience managing an open source project and community
  • proficiency in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Korean, or Japanese


  • a flat, open, honest, academic work environment
  • 100% free and open source
  • fully remote work, with periodic in-person face time
  • competitive pay and comprehensive benefits including coin grants
  • the best hardware
  • unlimited vacation

Think you are a good fit and excited to hear more? We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at!