Rust Developer

Spacemesh is a fairly mined cryptocurrency which is permissionless, trustless, secure and race-free. Spacemesh is built and distributed as a full open source project and all software work done for Spacemesh is contributed to the world as a commons under a permissive software license.

To get a full sense of the project’s motivation, vision, scope, and values please read the blog posts on our website. To learn more about the platform from a tech perspective, please experience the resources available here.

Join us at the forefront of the next major tech disruption - programmable Internet money via decentralized consensus on computations.

We work in a flat, open organization where each team member is responsible to his or her peers for the quality and the delivery of major platform components, participates as an equal in all software design discussions and works closely with the Spacemesh researches and the open source community.

We are looking for a strong Rust developer with some Go dev experience, who is passionate about the blockchain space, enjoys designing and writing software, who’d like to join the Spacemesh core dev team and work full time on the core Spacemesh platform.

This is a full time remote / WFH position in a fully remote team.


  • Work closely with other core developers on the team and with our world-class research team on the design of Spacemesh protocol.
  • Work on Spacemesh WASM-based smart-contracts execution engine.
  • Work on Spacemesh full-node implementation.

Must haves

  • Good knowledge of Rust fundamentals such as solving a problem with idiomatic and correct code, building types, working with fundamental data structures and using core libraries.
  • Experience building a Rust solution for non-trivial requirements that is used in production.
  • Ability to write production-quality Rust application code.
  • At least one year of prior experience programming hands-on with Rust.
  • Some Go dev experience, or the willingness to learn Go.
  • Good written English communication skills.
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Good understanding of algorithms, data structures and working with data.
  • Fast learner, able to quickly learn complex new technologies and ideas.

Nice to haves

  • Have some cool open source Rust code that solves a non-trivial problem to share and discuss.
  • Familiarity with blockchain tech, applied cryptography and Webassembly.
  • Prior contributions to an open source project.
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent.

We offer competitive startup compensation based on skills and experience.

Think you are a good fit and excited to hear more? We’d love to hear from you. Please send your CV and cover letter to Please only apply if you have all the must haves detailed in this position.