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Spacemesh Referral Program

Spacemesh is looking for the one!

We are rapidly growing and looking for super talented developers in Tel Aviv, New York City and Berlin.

If you have a friend who possesses a combination of exceptional algorithmic/ theoretic CS skills and strong hands-on system programming skills, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

Refer a friend, and if they get hired - you get paid

Up to $13,500 USD (50,000 NIS for TLV hires) referral fee subject to the Spacemesh recruitment terms.

The program applies to all current open positions.

Spacemesh Recruitment Terms

  • Should the Company decide to engage any candidate that had already been introduced to the Company prior to the referral by the Referrer, the candidate shall not be deemed to have been introduced to the Company by the Referrer and the Referee shall not be entitled to any compensation, including any commission payment.
  • In order for the Referrer to receive the commission payment in the amount of 13,500 USD, the employee they referred must complete at least one full month of employment, to the full satisfaction of the Company.
  • The commission shall be paid to the Referrer against a proper invoice, in accordance with applicable law. In the event that the Referrer is not incorporated as a company or registered as an authorized business or service provider, the Referrer’s identification number shall be provided and payment will be made in accordance with Israeli income tax regulations.

Send resumes to: Jobs@spacemesh.io