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Open Source Maintainer

Spacemesh OS is a blockmesh operating system designed to create a fair and open programmable cryptocurrency. To get a full sense of the project's nature, scope and team please read the stories on our site and explore our github open source repos. Spacemesh is built and distributed as a full open source project and all software work done for Spacemesh is contributed to the world under the permissive MIT software license.

Join us to innovate in the forefront of the next major tech disruption - programmable Internet money via decentralized consensus on computations.

We are looking for a great open source maintainer for our open source projects.

This is an excellent opportunity for a strong developer who would like to provide significant contributions and have major execution responsibilities in a high-profile open source blockchain protocol, and become a leader of a vibrant global blockchain development community.

This is a full time position is in the Spacemesh Tel Aviv blockmesh HQ.

We offer competitive compensation, benefits and a great developers-first work environment. We work in a flat, open organization where each full time team member is responsible for major OS components to his peers, participates as an equal in all core OS design decisions and works closely with the open source developers community.


  • Become the lead maintainer of Spacemesh open source projects, including go-spacemesh: the Spacemesh global computer full node, and a full member in the Spacemesh core dev team
  • Create open source issues for contributors and open source bounties. This includes writing good technical specifications to various product features, bugs, test and other development tasks
  • Work closely with other core dev team members on deciding which development tasks should be assigned to contributors and which tasks will be handled by core dev team
  • Make some code contributions to the open source projects on an on-going basis and keep up to date with the codebase and the architecture of its various components. Hands-on coding 25% of work
  • Code review open source contributions and manage all pull requests
  • Solicit code review from other core dev team members for complex contributions to their owned components
  • Lead communications with open source contributors on the Spacemesh dev chat channel
  • Manage open source bounties to compensate external contributors
  • Communicate technical and product feedback from open source contributors back to the core dev team members on an ongoing basis


  • Great written English communications skills

  • Fast learner. Able to quickly learn the applicable complex and new technologies

  • Posses a combination of exceptional algorithmic / theoretic CS skills, strong hands-on systems programming skills and the mentality and capability to start writing production-quality code in GO programming language quickly

  • 5+ years of prior work experience (not necessarily in the Blockchain industry)

  • Experienced with handling complex problems

  • B.Sc in computer science or equivalent

  • Familiarity with blockchain tech - Advantage

  • Knowledge of GO programming language - Advantage

  • Participation in open source projects - Advantage

  • Familiarity with Github open source project management - Advantage

  • Experience in designing and developing network protocols - Advantage

  • M.Sc in computer science or equivalent - Advantage

Interested? We'd love to hear from you. Please email jobs@spacemesh.io