Create a fair cryptocurrency designed to become a global means of payment and a fair global infrastructure for tokenized apps, economies and communities.

Our Core Values

The Spacemesh community is committed to collaboration in striving for the optimal balance between: Fairness to little guy, Security , Distribution, Scalability, Innovation, Unity (measures to mitigate hard forks), Inclusiveness and tolerance.

Product Plan

  • Create the lowest barrier to entry for participation and always fair to the little guy at home
  • Use of a homogenous and a highly distributed global resource to ensure high-degree of distribution and decentralization
  • Committed to fairest possible transaction fees and subsidy policy to support some free transactions
  • Be attractive to app/economies developers by focusing on scalability, security, programmability and low tx fees
  • Build robust smart contracts and custom tokens capabilities, potentially with eth smart contracts bytecode compatibility

Coin Distribution Plan

  • Set coin distribution plan and validator awards so super majority of coin is distributed via validators. No public ICO.
  • No capped coin supply so new validators can always join the network and participate in rewards
  • Set high inflation rate in first few years to make it attractive for validators to adopt us over other competing blockchains

Governance Setup

  • Have governance over the foundation by validators and users. Foundation members election and proposals veto on-chain by supermajority of POST+stake.
  • Foundation maintains official network code repo and appoints core dev team.
  • Explore means to auto-update node releases with opt-out
  • Foundation empowered with coin and can only spend coin to further build the tech, economy and community.

Core Use Cases

  • Create the platform to make Spacemesh coin the trusted global means of payment, with a high degree of coin and network distribution and low-to-none users transaction fees.
  • Create an open, general-purpose infrastructure For Technologists, Economists and Community Developers to collaborate in forming different ‘economunity’ tokens, governance models, policies and bylaws.

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