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about us {

Spacemesh builds a global programmable cryptocurrency with a fair coin distribution and low energy impact based on free PC disk space of real ordinary people from around the world. We aim to globally distribute the Spacemesh coin in a fair way via home smeshing. The above are required ingredients for building new and fair crypto-economic systems, from the ground-up, which is our long-term vision.

Spacemesh does not use proof-of-stake (PoStake) or proof-of-work (PoW) protocols; Rather powered by a novel proof-of-space-time consensus protocol, thus, it avoids inherent issues, such as massive energy waste, mining pooling, and centralization.

We develop Spacemesh in a fast-paced start-up environment. Our core dev team includes seven strong full-time developers on a mission to design and build the platform's core software components. Our research team consists of world-renowned cryptographers and blockchain researchers.

We are looking for an experienced, skilled and tech-savvy VP R&D to manage software development at Spacemesh. For those who have the drive and share our calling, we offer an opportunity to lead the implementation of bold and visionary cryptographers and blockchain concepts.


role’s essence {

Getting our platform out of the door, while ensuring the team is hitting their mark.


responsibilities {

> Own and run the team's software dev process and ensure the team delivers high- quality software on tight schedules in a fast-paced start-up environment.

> Manage software development projects built by outside contractors.

> Coach the R&D team members and help them evolve as professionals, individuals, and as team members.

> Participate as part of the leadership team in shaping our culture and code of conduct.

> Recruit when needed, individuals who are good at what they do and fit our culture.

> Work closely with the Spacemesh product team to develop a deep understanding of the project's product requirements and goals and design a software development process designed to deliver these products.


characteristics {

> A Tech-savvy person with a proven track record of leading teams and building products from the ground up.

> Passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech - a must.

> Comfortable with the uncomfortable. We shape the future, and the need to adapt will be frequent.

> Ability to lead and motivate ambitious and independent individuals and drive them forward.

> Excellent communication skills.


background {

> M.Sc or Ph.D. in computer science degree.

> 7+ years of dev management experience.

> Start-up experience.

> Excellent written and spoken English skills.

> Familiarity with distributed systems.

> Open source software development experience.

> Familiarity with blockchain tech- a plus.

> Experience with research projects - a plus.


//Interested candidates should send CVs to:


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