Weekly updates from team Spacemesh.

Update #28 - Week 2 + 3 - May 2019

Update #27 - Week 1 - May 2019

App & Full Node

Update #26 - Week 4 - April 2019


  • Finalized blockchain projects participation for our tech-focused meetup in NYC blockchain week. there's still some open spots. RSVP soon :-)
  • Finalized participation from awesome wasm people for WASM on the blockchain workshop we are helping to put together in Berlin in June. If you care about WASM on the blockchain then you should apply to participate! https://avive.github.io/wasm_on_the_blockchain/#/



Spacemesh Full Node

Spacemesh App

ED25519 Public Key Extraction Go Library


  • An open-source drop-in replacement to golang/crypto/ed25519 with additional functionality.

  • We have developed this for the Spacemesh protocol since we could not find a good open source alternative. We hope that the open source blockchain dev community will find these capabilities useful in other scenarios and platforms.

  • In the ed25519 signature scheme, in order to verify the validity of a given signature, the validator should posses the public key of the signer. It can be sent along with the message and its signature, which means that the overall data being sent includes 256 bits of the public key. Our function allows to extract the public key from the signature (and the message), thus the public key may not be sent, resulting in a smaller transferred data.

Update #25 - Week 3 - April 2019



Update #24 - Week 2 - April 2019

Spacemesh App (Wallet + Full Node)

Spacemesh Core (Full Node + POET Service)

Update #23 - Week 1 - April 2019

Spacemesh Core (Full Node + POET Service)

Spacemesh App (Wallet + Full Node)

Lots of merged PRs for the core App screens


We just announced our this free community 2 days workshop for blockchain and layer-2 projects that are working on wasm tech for their programmability features. Join us in Berlin this June for this special event. Participants include builders from ewasm, parity, mozilla, wasm and wasmer.io. People from Spacemesh have been working on putting together this event with great people from ewasm, 1kx and Parity.

Update #22 - Week 4 - March 2019

Spacemesh p2p full node

Spacemesh POET Service

Spacemesh App (Wallet + Full Node GUI)

Update #21 - Week 3 - March 2019

Update #20 - Week 2 - March 2019


Spacemesh’s Co-Founder Tomer Afek leading a panel in Token 2049 discussing the challenges and potential opportunities of Web 3.0

Core Dev Team

Update #19 - Week 1 - March 2019

Update #18 - Week 4 - Feb 2019

Update #17 - Week 3 - Feb 2019

Update #16 - Week 2 - Feb 2019

  • Merged first implementation of a running full node with Hare consensus protocol and unoptimized tortoise
  • Merged a new system-wide logging service that supports sending and events and metrics to a global test network orchestrator
  • Merged a fixed size pseudo-random Oracle for role and block validation as preparation for system testing
  • Implemented rudimentary CLI wallet
  • Added definitions and flow charts for the Hare protocol
  • Merged basic POET server infrastructure
  • Announced our next upcoming live dev community sync on Youtube. Set a reminder and ask us anything
  • Merged the first test of a complete network running hare and tortoise consensus protocols, agreeing on the state of the networks shared ledger
  • Merged optimal Tortoise protocol implementation
  • Added node events for improved test networks debugging
  • Added genesis state configuration

Update #15 - Week 1 - Feb 2019

Update #14 - Week 4 - Jan 2019

Update #13 - Week 3 - Jan 2019

We are getting closer to run our first nodes test network, currently without mining capabilities.

Created a rudimentary wallet grpc and HTTP API for use in the test network

Created a test Rolacle (Roles oracle) for testing our hare protocol

Update #12 - Week 2 - Jan 2019



  • Finalized an iteration of the Spacemesh Wallet App desktop UX for another round of usability tests

Update #11 - Week 1 - Jan 2019

Update #10 - Week 4 - December 2018

Update #9 - Week 3 - December 2018

Update #8 - Weeek 1 & 2 - December 2018

Spacemesh Full Node


Spacemesh App (Wallet + Dashboard)

  • Published revision 0.2 of the Spacemesh App design for desktop class screens

  • Published tests implementing the core Spacemesh Wallet security design - Basic BLS key derivation from random seed, 12 words mnemonic for paper backups and wallet file user pin protection via KDF2 and AES

  • Integrated a high-performance WASM BLS signatures library and put together some tests to demonstrating usage pattern

  • Published draft of the Spacemesh API for connecting the Wallet with the Spacemesh blockmesh

POET Service

Update #7 - Week 3 - November 2018

  • Initial version POET GO prover and verifier merged

  • First version of the Tortoise protocol merged

  • A first commit of the new Hare protocol message structure

  • First version of the gossip protocol merged

  • Preliminary design of Spacemesh global state and transaction processor

  • Sync protocol implementation PR

Update #6 - Week 1 and 2 - November 2018


Update #5 - Week 4 - October 2018

  • Fewer PR merges and more devcon4 learnings and community engagement for the core dev team this week.

  • Devnet: Implemented the bootstrap scenario. Improved infra and refactoring some of its interfaces. Merged #46 .

  • Poet (VDF) black-box reference go prover: Added support for pluggable hash functions and for scrypt-based hashing. Pref optimization based on profiling and benchmarking. Open source go prover: #9 code review in progress. Come build VDFs with us.

Update #4 - Week 3 - October 2018



  • Merged PR: listening port is now sent in handshake
  • Gossip is in testing phase in branch p2p-gossip
  • Published gossip protocol design doc
  • Testing RPC api functionality in the TLV hackathon branch
  • Work in progress on the core proofs of elapsed time (POET) server go implementation by open source contributors
  • Code completed and heavily testing new black-box POET prover and verifier GO implementation based on the shared spec
  • Work started on the POET protocol spec implementation. Spec draft updated with more details
  • Work started on many Spacemesh App feature tasks by open source contributors. Join us here
  • Gitcoin funded several dev tasks to tip open source contributors with cryptocurrency
  • Extensive work on the DEVNET, that could test system scenarios on our decentralized network is gaining momentum. This week we managed to create some basic scenarios that included interaction between several P2P nodes. PR #42 merged plus 8 additional merged PRs


Update #3 - Week 1 and 2 - October 2018



  • Core dev team go-spacemesh project updates:

    • On-going dev work at full steam ahead on p2p and the consensus protocol
    • Set requirements for the Transaction processor and Account DB - two components that are representing the node's internal view of the mesh
    • Set requirements for the mesh sync protocol that will allow a node to get the current mesh state for which a consensus can be proved
    • Fixed a bug in the connection cache where in case two node's tried to simultaneously connect to each other they ended up with both connections getting closed
    • Fixed a bug in the secured session where due to the nature of the crypto package that we are using, the decryption of messages that got encrypted and sent on the wire in different order failed.
    • Made the listening port configurable and allowing nodes to discover other node's listening port using dht's discovery protocol
    • The Spacemesh devnet cloud testing environment is getting into shape currently it supports spawning full nodes with agents that poll commands from the automation server that sets off node's api calls. Soon it will support testing bootstrap scenarios
  • Join our upcoming Tel Aviv Hackathon - Hack the future of nations The first hackathon for reinventing the way countries work using P2P decentralized technologies

  • We are hiring full time blockchain developers in New York and in Tel Aviv! New positions here

  • Proofs of Elapsed Time (POET) MVP spec published and reviewed by our research team and dev work started by open source collaborators. We are actively looking for additional open source contributors for this project

  • Product work completed for the first version of the Spacemesh Wallet including detailed use cases and UX. Dev work started by open source developers. Join gitter our dev talk here. Good progress with contributors breaking down spec to good github dev tasks.

  • We are proud to be able to tip open source contributors with cryptocurrency via Gitcoin and to appear at a nice spot among great other blockchain projects on this leaderboard. Watch this space for additional bounties

  • Launched new public product repo for all Spacemesh high-level product work and published a draft of the high-level product plan

Update #2 - Week 1 - September 2018


  • Dev and research teams update: work in progress on tasks mentioned in last week's update
  • Published protocol stack - a series of personal blog posts from developers about interesting technical challenges involved in their work on the Spacemesh protocol
  • Published a new welcome to Spacemesh video to explain some of the project’s core ideas and concepts https://spacemesh.io/
  • Hosted a “blockchain reality check” panel in SpacemeshTLV rooftop with great panelists including @hosseeb, @heatherharde ,@cryptomanran, @tomerafek and @yaronsamid MCing
  • Announced new funding and partnerships with Metastable, Polychain, Coinbase, 1kx, Dekrypt, Slow Ventures and others. See: https://spacemesh.io/funding/
  • Talked about fair protocols beyond POW and PoStake at https://www.dezentral.io/ in Berlin and @avive from the team participated in the Beyond Ethereum panel

Update #1 - Week 4 - August 2018

  • Our dev and research teams are working on the Gossip p2p protocol and the Tortoise & Hare consensus algorithms. This is a multi-week ongoing effort as these tasks are at the heart of the Spacemesh protocol
  • 2 new full-time developers have joined our growing core dev team. We are actively hiring strong crypto developers who make quality contributions to one of our open source projects
  • We published a draft requirements and design for the Spacemesh public proof of elapsed time (POET) service. We fully work in the open on this (and all other projects) so you are welcome to join and participate in the api design phase
  • Some good product and UX work on the Spacemesh Wallet and Dashboard App. We have finalized the requirements and the initial user experience and posted everything to the repo
  • We reached the alpha milestone for Spacemesh Cosmic - our open source seed project for building hyper-universal apps (desktop/mobile native/web). You can use Cosmic to build your own universal apps. We are using Cosmic ourselves as the base app scaffolding for the Spacemesh App. We also tipped major contributors for their voluntary work on this project using gitcoin bounties
  • Next week... we are speaking about race-free and asic-resistant consensus in dezentral.ion . Come see us if you are coming to Blockchain week Berlin!